ADHS graduate paper prize


In 2012, the ADHS established a prize for the best graduate student paper presented at the bi-annual ADHS meeting and conference.

All Graduate Students wishing to be considered for the prize shall submit their conference papers to: at least 3 weeks prior to the conference.  Submitted papers should be based on the script for the 20 minute conference presentation – not longer versions on which the presentation may be based.

The prize is awarded at the General Meeting.

The winner will receive a selection of monographs related to alcohol and drugs history provided by the ADHS membership and a plaque.  The ADHS will ship the monographs to the recipient.

The winning paper may be submitted to the Social History of Alcohol and Drugs in extended version for expedited peer review no later than two months after the prize in awarded (deadline: August 23rd 2013).

If the essay is recommended for publication it will appear in the SHAD.