Temperance archives near the LSHTM

There are a number of archives and libraries close to the LSHTM that might be of interest to delegates.

If you wish to use them you will need to notify staff in advance (see below).

Temperance archives at Senate House Library


Senate House Library stands across Malet Street from the LSHTM. The Library’s Historic Collections contain a good deal of relevant material, which is summarised in a sheet in the conference packs.

There is an archives page for temperance sources here, and details of the Temperance Collection of books can be found here. The John Burns Library also includes temperance literature (click here).

The Library’s general catalogue can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to give advance notice for archive research visits – advice can be found here.

Temperance archives at the Library of the Religious Society of Friends


The Library is on Euston Road, about ten minutes walk from the LSHTM. It contains a fair amount of printed and other material relating to Quaker involvement in Temperance. This online exhibition is a good introduction. The catalogue can be found here.

Please note: It is worth contacting the Library before you visit, and you will have to register to use it. Details can be found here.